The Michaely Method

20 Nov

An alternative and innovative way of viewing aging, illness, emotional pain and life challenges introducing an effective method for self awareness, elf healing and self transformation. Master Mike will teach a 3 step process focusing on a 360 degrees healing and offer a comprehensive Jewish perspective on how to achieve true awareness , peace and harmony which is the secret to health, bliss and healing. I will bring examples from actual cases that I dealt with and I will provide insight in understanding the language of the body, the language of the emotions and the language of the subconscious mind - a key factor for healing issues at the root and not only covering up the symptoms. Part B (The Michaely Technique)- EFT -NLP-Pranic Healing combined with proprietary energy modalities (combination technique that slows down the aging process and facilitates integration of Mind-Body-Spirit great for Focus and for Total 360 degrees wellness. I will explain it from a spiritual perspective - how it creates a balance in the nefesh and why it is such a useful and effective tool. I will explain how to use it effectively in a home settings to clear negative emotions and relieve emotional , physical and psychological pain even if it was experienced for a long time. I Will tech how to use this independently so the participants will benefit greatly. Part C (Bonus)I will teach The Mirror technique - a liberating and non- confrontational approach to changing the way we experience our own reality. The approach is partially Based on a teaching of the KabaLah .This is an advanced version of Ho Oponopono combined with mindfulness modalities. It is a fascinating approach which the participants can immediately go home and apply to them self's and their families . Everything will be coordinated with Deep mindfulness perspective and insights.

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