What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a formalized movement away from the prevailing trend in contemporary medicine to simply suppress symptoms. It is a medical approach that stresses diagnosing and treating the primal cause of medical problems.

This is something most people would assume should be and is the mandate of the medical field. Unfortunately that theoretical mandate has been circumvented by four pervasive influences.

1. The goal of many factions within the medical field is to make money and suppressing symptoms has proven to be more lucrative than permanently resolving problems.

2. Most people seek out medical treatments to relieve the discomforts and inconvenience of prevailing symptoms. Their focus is fixed upon the effects rather than the cause of their problem.

3. Establishing a definitive diagnosis in some cases is challenging, time consuming and expensive. Symptomatic suppression, by comparison, is less challenging and a quick fix.

4. The primal cause of some medical problems can be attributed to immaterial influences that the conventional medical establishment refuses to acknowledge and therefore cannot address. They will never perceive and conclude that the cause could be a subtle energy imbalance for example.

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