Going Beyond Superficial Fix/Cures

To go beyond the superficial fix/cures of conventional and alternative medicine we have to expand our conscious awareness to include the energy paradigm.

Holistic medicine = treatment protocols from two entirely different and exclusive paradigms; the material and subtle energy paradigms.

Material medical protocols (fix/cures) must logically be deducted from the well established material sciences of Newton and Maxwell. These treatments are based upon generalizations and a focus on the medical condition/disease.  They are generally effective for a majority of the population but typically address only superficial symptoms.

Subtle energy protocols (healing) must logically be deducted from the subtle energy science of quantum physics.  Treatments are individualized  and address the whole patient. Consequently they have the potential to facilitate profound healings.

The key to success is keeping in mind this basic distinction, and separating the two deductive processes.  Paradox, confusion, inefficiency, and poor results are the inevitable consequence of  deducting medical treatments from the wrong science: fix/cures protocols from QM or healing protocols from the material sciences.  This is the status quo of the medical field: complex, convoluted, incomprehensible and only marginally effective.

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