Quantum Logic?

Quantum logic refers to the quantum physicists who were the first scientists to study and describe the reality of the subtle energy paradigm. Quantum mechanics is the philosophy which summarizes their observations. Schrödinger’s wave functions are the mathematical algorithms quantum scientists use to accurately predict events in this realm.



Healing is a subtle energy phenomenon. Therefore to become an effective healing facilitator you must become familiar with this paradigm and learn to think and reason according to the tenets of quantum mechanics. Fortunately, you do not have to master the mathematics.

Quantum logic is counter intuitive for Westerners who have been programmed to think and reason in terms of the material sciences of Newton and Maxwell: logics that have proven to be extremely useful for deducting effective fix/cure protocols in conventional material medicine. Quantum logic is however much more in line with the Eastern mindset and the philosophy of many indigenous cultures around the world.

In a monumental book published in 1974 Lawrence LeShan was first to make the connection between the philosophies of quantum scientists and healing facilitators. The book was entitled The Medium, The Mystic and The Physicist: Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal.

The following year,1975, Fritjof Capra published a book in which he made the observation that quantum mechanics and TCM were very similar if not identical. The book was entitled: The Tao of Physics; An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism

The critically important point made was that almost all the effective healing facilitators of history have used a form of logic to deduct their healing protocols that resemble quantum mechanics.  By contrast the protocols of most classic healing modalities in Western societies are complicated empirical rituals because there was no subtle energy science their founders could deduct from at the time of their inception. Healing protocols deducted from the material sciences are illogical and are therefore overly convoluted, complex, inefficient, and only marginally effective.

Bottom line: Quantum logic –> Simple, efficient, and effective healing facilitation.

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