In Pursuit of the Holy Grail

In the legend of Camelot, King Arthur sends the Knights of the Round Table out on a quest to find the Holy Grail which was believed to possess miraculous healing powers. Ultimately their heroic and protracted efforts to discover a physical grail proved fruitless. The lesson of the fable is that the source of healing power is not to be found in the extrinsic elements of the material paradigm. The source is intrinsic or within, an immaterial source in the subtle energy paradigm generally called mind and/or spirit.

This important lesson is overlooked by the majority of aspiring professional healing facilitators today. We see them engaged in an ongoing and endless quest to improve their effectiveness by acquiring a multitude of different modality certifications, material gadgets, and the latest silver bullet fads. They should be spending their time, instead, on perfecting how they mentally frame, process, and present their healing facilitations. It is how you facilitate a healing, not specifically what you physically do or the material medicine you use. In other words any medical modality can potentially facilitate a healing if the facilitator is in the right frame of mind.

Blind to Synchronicites

 Synchronicity = simultaneous events with no obvious or theoretical connection. Theoretical connections in the material paradigm are limited to linear cause and effect relationships of separated entities. The transition into holistic medicine for trained professionals involves learning to expand their conscious awareness to include elements of the more entangled and chaotic subtle energy paradigm. This involves the re-evaluation of seemingly meaningless “synchronicities” that in the past they have likely dismissed as coincidence or even failed to perceive.

The knowledge of educated individuals potentially allows them to be more effective manipulators of their respective realities. They generally understand the fundamental nature of the specific reality they work with and are therefore able to see relevant details that the less educated may overlook. Details are only deemed relevant if they can be explained in terms of an established material mechanism. The flip side is that education programs us to focus primarily on the details of a specific data base while ignoring others. Therefore an accomplished genius in one field of endeavor may be a total dupe in another, due to their tunnel vision bias.

The conventional medical establishment promotes expertise in the manipulation of distinct material entities. Their experts are aware of and able to focus on the finer details of material reality, but are often unable to perceive details that do not conform to their educated expectations; i.e. synchronicities. Positive results occurring during and/or after a subtle energy healing facilitation, if noticed, are just a coincidence for the strict materialist. However, there are possible causal relationships involved according to the theories elaborated in Quantum mechanics, meaning that those results may not be a coincidence or synchronicity. Those who have not been biased by a professional education will more likely notice those results and perceive a causal relationship.

The results of a successful healing facilitation are comprehensive, impacting the clinical picture in many unexpected and subtle ways. It is impossible to anticipate and comprehend all of the many ramifications of a successful healing. For example, there is often an unnoticed change in the patient’s personality profile before any physical/material changes become evident. Also the specific complaint that the patient and doctor were initially focused on may not be resolved by a successful healing, simply because the condition is not technically “healable” or the resolution time frame is lenghty. Unaware of a healing’s many other potential manifestations or synchronicities a materialist will logically conclude that a healing did not happen.

Healing facilitators who are accustom to working with the chaotic and entangled reality of the subtle energy paradigm expect and therefore see the results of healings that they are often unable to rationally connect. The novice healing facilitator must learn to look for these subtle indicators of success.

Meditation Healing

Consciousness is divided into two modes: brainfulness and mindfulness. In brainful mode we rationalize, go, and do while in mindful mode we maintain and heal. These modes physically manifest in the autonomic nervous system as sympathetic and parasympathetic. The brainful sympathetic mode has priority and will commandeer the bulk of available vital energy for immediate survival purposes: flight and fight. The mindful parasympathetic mode is the default mode as far as the allocation of vital energy is concerned. Consequently healing/maintenance occur primarily during mindful states of consciousness. Sleep is primarily a mindful state and is almost universally assumed when individuals require healing time. Consciousness is suspended during sleep and the healing/maintenance required is accomplished on autopilot. Left unattended the results can be relatively effective. However the potential of inherent healing programming is limited and generally predictable. The healing process can be significantly enhanced with conscious intent. Conscious mindfulness = meditation. More dramatic and profound results are possible when the healing process is consciously supported and directed in mindful mode. Guidelines : Do focus on your state of being, which manifests as meaningless felt sense: tingle, pain, twitch heat, pressure etc. Don’t materialize the health problem by focusing on a brainful abstract of the problem: i.e. a conventional diagnosed disease or medical condition. Do imagine sending healing energy specifically to resolve the felt sense. Don’t imagine a materialized mechanism for the resolving the problem and specifically how the healing process should proceed over time. Meditation healing has the potential to produce results that defy the expectations of conventional medical authorities = miracles.

Sounding Remedies

Sound waves in one form or another have been employed throughout history to facilitate healings. Prayers, chants, intoning, drumming, didgeridoo, singing bowls, ultrasound, lithotripsy, entrainments, and music therapy are some of the well-known forms.  Most of these forms are employed indirectly to influence the healing process.  In other words they are designed to induce specific mental states that are known to encourage healing responses; music therapy and entrainment recordings for example.

A few forms are said to directly induce healings responses with specific healing frequencies. The frequencies used are believed to cause/enhance healing by way of resonance.  The problem is that healing involves manipulations of the subtle energy field (Chi, aura, Prana) which does not have frequencies to resonate with: i.e. there are no healing frequencies.

All of these explanations of affect are based upon the precognitive assumptions of materialism which do apply in regard to physical fix/cures. However it is impossible to explain the how and why of healing in strictly materialistic terms.

The truth is that the only way to directly influence a healing is by manipulating the patient’s subtle energy pattern with intent or by adding to it. Sound waves are infused with the subtle energy pattern of the material producing them and are an effective way to transfer those patterns to those impacted by the sound.  Therefore you can facilitate the healing of an individual by having them listen to the sounding of a plant which has a potentially balancing subtle energy profile for them.  The frequency or composition of the sound is irrelevant in healing.  The frequency of the sound only determines how/where it is received: heard or felt.

This is comparable to other healing practices based upon transferring subtle energy patterns with different measurable energy forms such as light, magnetic waves, heat, and smoke.

  • Sun light, the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, is utilized to move the SE pattern of blossoms into water to make flower essences.
  • The light radiating from combusting materials carries the SE pattern of that material. Therefore there is no such thing as generic light: light from an incandescent bulb carries the SE pattern of tungsten, for example.
  • The heat of burning moxa carries the SE pattern of that plant to the patient.
  • Smudging with the smoke/heat of smoldering plant materials transports the SE patterns of those plants.
  • Sounding of a particular plant material convey its SE profile to anyone impacted by that sound.                                                                                                                                                                                                           The physical fix/cures produced with music therapy can be used to encourage/support healings, but they do not directly influence it. Typically the treatment results of MT are relatively superficial and temporary.  Sounding therapies, on the other hand, directly influence the healing process and can be profoundly effective if the appropriate remedy plant is sounded.


Making Homeopathic Like Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are one example of medical treatments that are based upon the transfer of subtle energy patterns.

There has been a great deal of debate about the true nature of homeopathic remedies. Nothing about them makes sense to a materialist. The anecdotal experience of homeopaths in practice is convincing evidence that their remedies work.  However, the proponents of this modality have struggled to explain the how and why.  Every once in a while a new theory is proposed to account for the effect and explain the bazaar character of these treatments.

The problem is that all those explanations to date have been based upon the precognitive assumptions of the material paradigm. The proposed mechanisms typically suggest that some forms of matter such as nano-particles and/or electrochemical transfers are involved.  These speculations always fall short of explaining how their proposed material mechanism is ultimately able to influence a patient’s physiology/metabolism to affect a response.

This reasoning is paradoxical and misleading because homeopathic like remedies are of the subtle energy paradigm. Therefore they must be explained in terms of a subtle energy algorithm such as quantum mechanics.  According to QM, matter is the material manifestation of a more primal subtle energy field of influence: the “implicate”.  A homeopathic remedy is the subtle energy signature of a substance separated from its material form and transferred to another innocuous material substrate for storage and delivery. The subtle energy signature by definition is immeasurable and cannot be physically detected in the material of a remedy.

Classic homeopathic remedies potentially include minute amounts of matter, and this has sustained the hope of discovering a material explanation. However radionic generated remedies contain absolutely no amount of the material substance being processed and have never even been in physical contact with it. These remedies work as well or even better than the classically produced ones that are generated by serial dilutions alternating with succussions.

Mentally disciplined individuals can effectively transfer the subtle energy pattern of a material substance held in one hand to a closed tube of solution or crystal held in the other. In other words they can produce effective homeopathic like subtle energy remedies by hand without using any kind of physical ritual or mechanical gadgetry.  In fact there is no material mechanism involved in the making and use of any of the other physical forms of subtle energy remedies such as flower essences and nosodes.  There are also immaterial subtle energy remedies like Reiki/Qigong projections which are indistinguishable from prayer: mindful focus + intend + believe + expectation.

Don’t believe it? Make one yourself, by hand, while in a meditative state and then test it out.            Ritual: You imagine the transfer going from the physical sample held in one hand to the material held in the other, waiting for a felt sense indicating that it has or is happening. A divination technique can be employed if a conscious felt sense is not forth coming.

The bottom line = you do not need to buy and use commercial subtle energy remedies if you can maintain a stock of physical samples to copy.



No Powerful Remedies

Healing remedies are not like the herbs and drugs used in fix/cures. Medical herbs and drugs are used for the treatment of medical conditions and diseases. They are specifically chosen because of the well established physiological response they have consistently produced in the past when applied to most members of a generalized population.  They are classified as diuretics, astringents, analgesics, antibiotics, etc.  Some are considered to be more powerful fix/cures than others because they quickly and effectively resolve medical conditions.

Remedies, on the other hand, are used to rebalance a patient’s subtle energy profile with the goal of facilitating their healing. For example, a specific remedy plant is chosen because the addition of its profile corrects the patient’s imbalance.  The choice is not influenced by historic uses of the plant or how other individuals may have responded to it.  The prescription is entirely present-tense and idiosyncratic.

A remedy plant balances the patient’s whole essence as opposed to addressing specific medical conditions or diseases. A patient with a properly balanced profile is empowered to heal themselves. Therefore it is not appropriate to say a particular plant is a powerful healing remedy. A remedy plant that facilitated a profound healing for one individual is just an inconsequential weed for most other patients.

An interesting observation: Over the years we (psychic network) prescribed many profoundly effective remedies for patients.   Typically the most profound and dramatic results were obtained with plants that are not recognized in the literature as useful herbs: i.e. weeds.  The herbs with well recognized medical qualities were seldom selected by the network for remedies and those that were prescribed produced more generalized and less dramatic results.

Dark Forces

We often hear psychic readings which include the perception of dark malicious forces. The interpretation is that there is a discrete entity mounting an attack on the patient’s integrity. Cancers are often framed in this way. The truth is that there are no such subtle energy forces that can be psychically perceived. Simply because the mind does not have the ability to judge, categorize, or assign meaning to its extrasensory perceptions.  Therefore references to any such entities are not objective facts but subjective brainful interpretations of the information received.

I maintained a psychic network for several years to help me diagnose and treat referral cases.   Predictably many of those were conventionally diagnosed as intractable cancer cases.  The psychic readings were made before any history was divulged. No reader ever perceived anything like a discrete malicious entity in those cases.  If anything the readers described a sense of deficiency or lack of vigor. This makes perfect sense because cancer is not an extrinsic invading force, it occurs when the subject’s organizational imperative fails to enforce its materializing mandate.  In other words, malignancies invariably indicate a subtle energy imbalance or deficiency and the need for a healing facilitation.  Cancer fix/cures do not address the root cause of a malignancy and should always be supplemented with a healing facilitation.

Further, no reader in the network ever perceived a malicious extrinsic threat, in either material or subtle energy form. The subtle energy pattern of a potential pathogen or predator does not indicate what kind and degree of physical damage it could potentially inflict on another organism. For example a house cat is a malicious threat for mice and birds but a loving pet for humans. In other words its character is subjective, defined by the perspective of the observer.

Extrinsic subtle energy patterns may or may not influence the subtle energy pattern of a particular individual: issues of compatibility, focus and will are involved. An immaterial extrinsic influence (vibes) is not a thing with a discrete enduring identity. Its influence, if incorporated, causes a redistribution of elements in the subject’s whole essence. In other words, once it is integrated, there is no separate entity to be perceived.

The bottom line is this; Professional psychics typically interpret their perceptions in terms of   material reality.  Any meanings they assign to those perceptions reflect their own subjective perspective (bias and beliefs), and consequently are subject to serious misinterpretations.

Raw psychic perceptions in the form of psychic readings or divination/dowsing hits can be utilized to prescribe effective energetic remedies and to evaluate the effects of subtle energy field manipulations: Acupuncture, QiGong, Reiki. Evaluations of the patient’s subtle energy pattern pre and post treatment is all that is needed. There is no need to complicate the treatment protocol by including materialized interpretations which may be misleading and counter productive.

Acupuncture in Name Only

Acupuncture is philosophically a healing modality because it theoretically addresses problems in a patient’s subtle energy field. The treatment strategies employed generally involve manipulations of that field to reestablish a state referred to as “balance.” A balanced field equates with a state of health which ultimately results in the resolution of a multitude of different medical problems. Classic material logic does not apply in this paradigm because the field in question is immeasurable.  A different kind of logic must be used in the subtle energy paradigm.  Several algorithms in “Traditional Chinese Medicine” address this reality, and these are comparable to the tenets of quantum mechanics.

When acupuncture treatments are applied according to the logics of TCM and/or QM there is the potential for a profound healing response. Unfortunately we find that potential seriously compromised in general practice, when treatment strategies become adulterated with the precognitive assumptions and logic of materialism.

Many medical practitioners who include “acupuncture” treatments in their therapies are not applying it as intended. Instead of balancing the field to facilitate a healing they use it as a placebo to address and mask specific symptoms such as pain. A prime example is the use of   electro-acupuncture machines.  The whole idea is steeped in classic materialism.

  1. A physical stimulation is required.
  2. A machine can effectively replace a clinician’s influence.
  3. The more stimulus the better.
  4. Success is the elimination/suppression of a specific symptom such as pain.

In practice these treatments are simply a form of shock therapy, releasing endorphins and sedating pain receptors: similar to tens therapy. Consequently the results are relatively short lived. Practically this can bid time for a healing to naturally take place and is readily accepted by a materialist clientele.  However this is not acupuncture.

Anecdote: I observed a chiropractor’s “acupuncture” treatment of my wife’s lower back problem.  He simply surrounded the painful area with needles without any attempt to locate specific AC points or theorize a balancing strategy. Calling this kind of logically undisciplined approach “acupuncture” is a travesty and potentially undermines the credibility of those who use it as originally intended to effectively facilitate profound healings.





I am continually making the point that it is the intention of the healing facilitator rather than what they do or use that affects the healing response. The question then arises; how do we characterize an effective healing intention?  The simple theoretical answer is that it requires an intense exclusive mindful focus on the subject and the projection of an altruistic desire to help. However, in practice, there are many factors which can compromise that ideal.

  1. Obviously the intention cannot include a desire for personal gain; profits, reputation.
  2. The projected solution cannot be forced or imposed. Healing facilitations are offered or suggested options given without judgment and full awareness that the patient/subject may or may not implement them.
  3. The focus should not be on the diagnosis: medical condition or disease. Focus on an image of the preferred goal which is a fully functional healthy subject.
  4. Do not assume to know/understand the details of the pathology and/or healing process. “Thy will be done” is the proper form of the petition.
  5. Do not presume to take credit for the results. You are simply a conduit.
  6. Do not continue to hang on to or monitor a case post treatment. Completely disconnect after experiencing a feeling of universal connectedness/love.




Note: This is specifically about healing facilitation as opposed to fix/cures. There are valid medical machines that can be used in material fix/cures but there are none that will effect a subtle energy healing.  Despite the testimonials for the use of such gadgetry they only work in practice as a conduit for the operator’s focused intention which is the actual facilitator of a healing.

 Many initially came to the alternative medical community complaining about the many fraudulent claims and misrepresentations made by representatives (salesmen) of the commercial medical complex. Generally the hope was to find in the alternative medical community a more honest and ethical commercial base.  This expectation, buoyed up by a sense of camaraderie, has led many to blindly accept the sales pitches of any and all alternative medical exhibitors/salesmen. Unfortunately I have found as much or more hucksterism in this community, especially in regard to so called “healing devices.”  Over and over again we see associates buying expensive gadgetry they simply do not need. Typically the hype for these products makes use of nebulous terms like natural, healing frequencies, and resonance in their pseudo scientific explanations of their product’s effect.  Many of the developers/promoters of these “healing” products are simply businessmen who have no more understanding of the basic scientific principles involved than the man on the street.  Often the salesmen believe the hype the developers provided them and therefore their sales pitch seems honest and credible.  Because their potential buyers are generally not inclined to critically evaluate their claims, they have an easy sale.

Unfortunately the alternative medical community, in general, including the AHVMA, do not provide or allow critical reviews of their commercial sponsor’s products and services. The claims made and explanations given by some of these company representatives are total fabrications worded to sound like scientific facts but obviously bogus according to anyone with a solid scientific background.

My advice: be as skeptical of any alternative medical promotion (sales pitch) as you are of big pharma claims and used car salesmen.

I purchased many of these alternative medical healing devices over the years, and found that none of them lived up to the hype. Over time I discovered that I did not need any of them to facilitate healings. What is a more important issue is that using unnecessary material healing gadgets is a distraction that puts off the final epiphany: You have the power to facilitate a healing with or without a gadget.




The Need to Know

Possibly the most difficult aspect of healing facilitation for trained professionals to accept is its empirical nature. The curriculum in medical schools drives home the idea that their students graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of the material sciences.  Their professional medical treatments are to be rationally deducted from well established scientific facts.  Those facts include measurable details, causal relationships and the physiological mechanisms involved in each case.  The treatment routine well established in Western material medicine is based upon the precognitive assumption of cause and effect; measure, diagnose, prescribe, and treat.

In the material medical venue it is imperative to diagnose the problem before prescribing and treating a particular case. To begin treatments without a diagnosis is considered undesirable, unethical, or even malpractice. Unfortunately in practice it is not always possible to diagnose a case or understand the problem in terms of materialism. This is because the metabolism of living organisms are chaotic systems with multiple variables making it impossible to always discern simple linear cause and effect relationships. This is also because immaterial influences are involved which cannot be measured.

Healing treatments are designed to manipulate a patient’s subtle energy which is not recognized by the material sciences and therefore its state cannot be described (diagnosed) in terms of materialism. Consequently healing facilitation protocols do not begin with a material diagnosis.  The perception of a subtle energy imbalance (Felt sense or Eufeeling) could be considered a diagnosis but the rebalancing mechanism involved is mind over matter which is incomprehensible for a materialist.  Typically material analogies are used to describe/explain the healing phenomenon.  The problem is that analogies are only similar to reality and cannot replace it in the formulation of a diagnosis.  Therefore prefacing a healing facilitation with a materialized diagnosis is more often than not misleading and unproductive.

The bottom line is that we cannot possibly “understand” the healing process and therefore should abandon any attempts to impose a rational material strategy in our healing protocols. In other words, stop analyzing and just feel: divine/dowse. Healing facilitators must let go of their desire to diagnose, to explain, to do, to make, to force, and the need to take credit. From The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl.

Assuming Mindful Mode

Extrasensory perception and healing facilitation are exclusively mindful functions. Therefore holistic practitioners must be able to willfully assume the mindful mental mode.  Some individuals called psychics do this routinely but most people in western societies have allowed their brainful mode to completely dominate their conscious awareness.

Many individuals who are habitually psychic are confused by the information they perceive, because they do not understand its true nature and significance. This confusion stems from the fact that they typically interpret it in terms of materialism which is a pervasive influence in western cultures.  For example, Western languages are structured upon the fundamental precognitive assumptions of materialism such as the primacy of material, cause and effect, reductionism, and certainty.  Two common problems for the unsophisticated psychics are:

  1. Their inability to correctly identify the source of the information they perceive.
  2. Their inability to control it: turn it on and off at will.

The majority of Westerners learned early on in life to ignore or suppress the perception of extrasensory information, and this inclination is reinforced by the focus of the curricula in medical schools. Therefore learning to focus on, perceive, and utilize extrasensory information is a matter of reprogramming old well established habits.

The first step in this reprogramming is to learn and accept the nature of the subtle energy paradigm and the mind/brain dichotomy. The next step is to practice willfully shifting into and out of the mindful mental mode until it becomes second nature. Then the third step is to determine what specific technology you personally need to employ in practice to access and use this data base.  If the psychic information remains primarily a subconscious perception, the clinician will need to learn one of the many divination/dowsing techniques.

People are unique in the ways they mentally process reality. For example, there is a difference in which sensory perception is prioritized and this ultimately determines what technique is best suited and effective for that individual.  Therefore simply copying the techniques successfully employed by others can be problematic.  An individualized technology is the ideal as long as it is based upon knowledge of the fundamental science involved. With time and experience abilities inevitably evolve which makes it possible, even necessary, to adjust the technique.  This is possible and productive only when the changes implemented are rationalized from the established principles of a subtle energy science such as quantum mechanics.

Bottom line: Developing and refining psychic abilities is not a matter of learning an established divination/dowsing ritual. It involves learning to reason according to the tenets of a subtle energy science and taking conscious control of your mental processing.


A persistent myth in the alternative medical community is that physical stimulations of acupuncture points can effectively manipulate the distribution of Chi. This is simply not true. Physical stimulations of the material body cause a multitude of measurable physical responses: chemical, neurological, and psychological. However they do not alter the patient’s subtle energy field pattern.  The physical responses to physical stimulations are misinterpreted by many as evidence that they do influence Chi.  For example, it is well established that when the body is traumatized endorphins are released which produce a temporary analgesic effect. As tens treatments demonstrate, it is also possible to locally anesthetize areas by overloading their sensory nerves, and any physical treatment can be employed as a trigger for a placebo response.

In fact it is the acupuncturist’s mindful intent and expectation that are responsible for producing the healing response sometimes in evidence following a physical treatment. These responses are mistakenly believed to be due to a redistribution of the patient’s subtle energy, which TCM practitioners call “balancing the Chi.” The myth persists because, in the hands of a true believer, physical stimulation becomes a trigger for a placebo response.  In other words, the clinician placebos themselves into expecting that their intention to facilitate a healing will become a reality. Consequently there are a multitude of unrelated physical stimulations that could be potentially employed as a trigger in practice. The problem with placebo triggers is that they become less effective over time with repeated use and familiarity. Therefore frustrated practitioners begin exploring alternative types of stimulation.  Other individuals resort to intensifying the strength of their original stimulate by adding electricity, heat, etc., obviously thinking like a materialists; that more (quantity) is better.

The unenlightened have repeatedly invested time and money in one attempt after another to identify the material mechanism involved in physical point stimulations. This is a complete waste of resources and puts off the epiphany leading to enlightenment.  The fact is that acupuncture phenomena do not manifest within the confined reality of the material paradigm, and can only be explained in terms of the subtle energy paradigm.

Originally acupuncture was theoretically designed to manipulate an immaterial subtle energy field called “Chi.” This manipulation was rationalized according to the tenets of TCM which is a philosophy that describes the reality of Chi and how it can be positively influenced. The goal of acupuncture treatments was to balance the distribution of Chi which is the healthy state of being.  Therefore balancing Chi equals healing which ultimately and indirectly resolves a multitude of seemingly unrelated physical medical problems. TCM does not postulate about any physical mechanism involved in point stimulations or suggest that acupuncture treatments directly fix physical medical conditions or cure diseases

In common practice and especially in the westernized versions the modality unfortunately embraced some of the concepts of the materialism. This melding of two incompatible logics created a great deal of confusion and added volumes of often conflicting details to the modality’s data base. Because of this inconsistency many different schools of thought have evolved worldwide on the subject, each one claiming superiority. There are numerous versions available simply because no one is entirely and sufficiently effective.

Proof of this thesis is patently obvious. It is impossible to prove a negative but the failure of anyone to prove physical stimulation alone influences the subtle energy field is compelling.

  1. Repeated attempts to explain the mechanism involved in terms of materialism never address the how and why all the radically different types of stimulation employed in practice produce essentially the same effect.
  2. There is no explanation offered to explain how and why the proposed function of a particular point changes in the context of different point patterns.
  3. Many experienced and accomplished acupuncturists eventually come to seriously question the validity of the material version and abandon physical stimulations altogether and as a consequence their effectiveness as healing facilitators invariably improves.

An indictment: Certification courses still teach the bastardized versions of acupuncture with their overburden of unnecessary details.  The possible reasons for this:

  1. The instructors themselves are oblivious to the facts and teach exactly what and how they were taught.
  2. They had to suffered through the protracted certification ordeal and believe the newest generation should have to suffer as well, and this is a necessary step on the road to enlightenment.
  3. Materialized acupuncture courses include much more detailed information which appeals to the expectations of professional students and justifies the charging higher registration fees.
  4. Their commercial sponsors see the students as future consumers of their material gadgets, books, and medical supplies.


Two Healing Revelations

Recently two important and enduring healing principles have been reemphasized in the literature of the alternative medical community: “The Isaiah Effect” and “The Secret”. The recognition of these two fundamental healing principles helps to clarify the true nature of “healing facilitations”. Clarifying simplifies and enhances the effectiveness of any technology and in medicine this is ultimately exemplified in the various protocols of “Quantum Healing”: Chi Gong, Analog Medicine, AOE, Reconnection, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment, Tellington Touch, and many other variously named modalities.

Implications in medical practice:

  • The Isaiah Effect: The prophet Isaiah pointed out that the power of prayer (healing facilitation) comes from the feeling a prayer engenders in the one praying (facilitator).
  • The Secret: The enlightenment is to focus exclusively on the desired goal (health), as opposed to the perceived problem (medical condition or disease) and its resolution.

Application in medical practice:

In a healing facilitation protocol decisions should be based upon a subjective “felt sense” as opposed to objectified rationalizations. A “felt sense” is not to be confused with an “emotion”. It is the perception of a subtle energy influence, which may be received either in the form of conscious psychic awareness or revealed subliminally as a product of divination/dowsing.

The focus of a healing facilitator should be exclusively on their patient’s preferred (healthy) state of being. The intention (prayer) is for the patient to experience, in the present tense, the healthy state of being.  It is not to acknowledge a problem by intending to overcome it with various tactics.  In other words, imagine and project the goal rather than a solution.

Facilitating a patient’s healing:

Diagnosis = feel the issue as a meaningless “felt sense” (Eugene Gendlin)

Treatment = Find, by trial and error testing of the patient, a subtle energy influence that eliminates that felt sense.  That influence can be in the form of a:

  • A subtle energy field (aura) adjustment: Acupuncture, Chi Gong, two point, Reiki, etc.
  • The addition of an appropriate subtle energy remedy: homeopathic, flower essence etc.
  • The projection of healing  intent: Prayer or Radionics

The Denial of the Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is an extremely well documented phenomenon that has been extensively studied. It is undeniable proof of “mind over matter.” It demonstrates that a mind that expects a particular physiological response is capable, on its own, of producing that response.  When the response is positive it is called a placebo effect and when it is negative it is called a nocebo effect.

The mind involved must be programmed ahead of time to believe in the causative relationship of a specific trigger or treatment and a response. This is a fundamental mechanism that comes into play with all types of medical applications.  The results of any objective treatment will be better if the patient believes the preparatory hype and expects the treatment to work.  It is called a placebo effect only when the trigger employed has no objective physiological affect; i.e. the sugar pill.  In practice the placebo affect is a legitimate, useful and powerful treatment option in the hands of a knowledgeable professional.

Terminology involved:                                                                      Placebo = The trigger employed: sugar pill                              Placebo affect = The mental program: trigger à response Placebo effect or response = The physiological response
Nocebo effect = a negative response to a trigger

Conventional medicine has been forced to accept the existence of the placebo phenomenon because of many controlled scientific studies and overwhelming anecdotal evidence. Several M.D.s have expounded on the subject and even authored books describing its various ramifications.  However the conventional medical establishment has officially restricted its perspective to the material paradigm and the use of the material sciences which describe it.  In that reality the immaterial mind is considered an epiphenomenon of the material brain, or in other words “matter over mind.”  The philosophy of materialism is pervasive and for some will override experience.  Consequently we often hear conventional doctors dismissing the results of placebo treatments as “it’s all in your head” as if the positive results obtained with a placebo are somehow inferior to those obtained with a objective material treatment.

The placebo effect plays a major role in alternative medicine. Many modalities depend largely or even entirely upon it. The interesting thing about this fact is that the community in general pleads ignorance of the fact, completely ignores it, and/or down plays its significance. This is because placebo medicine is totally dependent upon maintaining the patient’s belief in the fabricated objective effectiveness of the trigger and consequently their expectation of results.  The myth must be protected at all costs because a disclosure of the facts eliminates forever the ability to get positive results with that specific trigger and prescriber: fool me once, fool me twice. The effectiveness of many successful alternative medical practitioners is due to the fact that they naively believe the hype they are presenting to the patients and a true believer’s testimonial is always convincing.

The truth is that the placebo affect is an important and pervading element in medical treatments.  Conventional and alternative medical practitioners alike need to be acutely aware of it, understand its significance, and know how to take advantage of it.  Practitioners need to know how to properly program the affect (wording of the hype), how to present the placebo trigger for best results and what to do when it does not work.  And of critical importance is the ability to judge in which cases it is an appropriate option.

A huge problem ensues for any modality that is based primarily on the placebo effect. The effect wanes with time and familiarity. Therefore in order to maintain the effect over time it is necessary to re-hype the initial trigger or use a new one. This typically leads to the prescribing of the latest fad and ultimately to a never ending quest for the Holy Grail or a silver bullet. Because virtually anything can be an effective trigger there are an infinite number of possibilities and potentially whole new redundant modalities.  The denial or ignorance of the placebo effect is the primary reason the quantity of alternative modalities continues to expand while the quality of these redundant treatments has failed to progress over time.

Rational Protocols for Healing facilitators