A persistent oversight that confounds understanding in the alternative medical community is the failure to distinguish the difference between potentially healing subtle energy patterns and the media which carries it. Subtle energy patterns are information that can be stored in and delivered by a multitude of different substrates.  Analogy: The same news story (information) can be carried by news papers, radio, television and/or the internet.  Assuming that the particular media delivering that message caused or is responsible for the incident it is reporting would be obviously ludicrous; hence the well established platitudes about punishing the messenger of bad news.

In the alternative medical field there is a persistent inclination to attribute healing qualities to the media used to deliver subtle energy patterns. Consequently the focus is typically on the physical details of the particular media they are utilizing in their modality as a carrier. For example, manipulating the frequency of sound and light is a common tactic. Both of these media can be used to affect changes in material reality due to the antenna effect; lithotripsy, ultrasound and radiation therapy for example. Their physical qualities however do not influence the subtle energy information they may be carrying.

In other words, all frequencies of a material media carry the same subtle energy information. The different frequencies of sound and light only determine where the subtle energy message will be delivered; again due to the antenna effect. The bottom line is that there are no healing frequencies, per say.  The term “frequency” describes one measurable quality of a physical reality and has no meaning by itself: it is an adjective rather than a noun.  Therefore to be meaningful the term must always be used in context; frequency of what?

The subtle energy pattern carried by light or sound is due to the material that produced those energies. The potential healing subtle energy pattern carried by the light from an incandescent light bulb is “Tungsten“, regardless of its frequency. The sound produced by a wood flute carries the subtle energy signature of the wood it is made of, regardless of the specific notes played.  The light, sound, heat and smoke of combusted materials all carry the same subtle energy signature.

Rational Protocols for Healing facilitators