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I am a 1969 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, at Ames, Iowa. There I worked as a professional medical illustrator and instructor in the anatomy department under Dr. Robert Getty. For six years I worked in the same office/studio George Washington Carver occupied years before. I moved west to expedite my pastime of horse/mule packing into the various wilderness areas.

For the next thirty years, I practiced conventional veterinary medicine in Utah and Idaho. The emphasis of my practice in the last twenty-five of those years was contract dairy herd health work. Compared to clinical and ambulatory work, herd health programs are much more comprehensive and holistic. Concerns about drug residues ultimately led me to investigate and employ alternative medical approaches. In 1992 I became an IVAS certified veterinary acupuncturist under the tutelage of the acknowledged father of American veterinary acupuncture, Dr. Grady Young. Doctor Young also introduced me to the modality called “Radionics”. Neither modality proved to be the silver bullet for mastitis that I was hoping for, however I did find them to be effective for a number of other medical problems. An investigation of several other classic alternative modalities followed. The cows responded positively to some of these and not to others. Unfortunately I could not explain how they worked or integrate them with each other or conventional medicine.

Subsequent studies of theoretical physics, logic, and neurophysiology provided the necessary enlightenment. I discovered that the alternative modalities are explained by the sciences of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics and all the classic forms can be contracted with those algorithms into one simplified modality I came to call “analog medicine”. I authored a book by that name in 2002. Analog medicine combined with conventional medicine provides a comprehensive, effective, and practical holistic format.

This simple and logical approach proved to be spectacularly effective in dealing with a broad range of medical problems. It also led to the discovery of a totally unique treatment protocol I call analog sound or “timbre” therapy and a diagnostic technique called intuitive networking. Today I am teaching classes and mentoring associates on the finer points of Quantum Healing.

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  1. Dr Hamm, I really enjoyed your seminar at Butterfly Express. I hope to see more veterinarians following in your footsteps. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! I may have to ponder/study your presentation and then take this seminar again to fully absorb all of the wonderful material you presented. Wonderful class!! Thanks again. Ps I think you should write a book of some of your stories of your cases and the things you learned along your holistic journey.

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