Getting the Cart Before the Horse

When  medical professionals first consider going  beyond the conventional fix/cure medicine we learned in college they naively believe that it is just a matter of mastering one of the alternative medical modalities they have heard about.  The big decision then becomes, which one of the many different modalities should they investigate?  Most would rely upon the advice from experienced associates but unfortunately there is no consensus of opinion about which modality, if any, is the best.  Every modality has a group of enthusiastic proponents.  It is also disconcerting to find out that the majority of these experienced advisers  have mastered multiple modalities.  The reason given is that none of the modalities  ultimately  proved  out in practice to be entirely sufficient.   It can take years to master just one modality and so choosing the wrong ones could waste an inordinate amount of time and money.

Rationalizing decisions is generally considered the  most practical way to go.  The problem is that materialism is not the proper philosophical format needed to rationalize conclusions about healing.  In other words,  you should first find out exactly how accomplished healing facilitators think, so you can understand why they do what they do. Then you can make a rational decision about which healing modality and what specific aspects of it you need to learn about.  And what is equally important, if not more so, is that you will be able to recognize that the protocols of most classic modalities are unnecessarily complex: filled with irrelevant materialized details that are ultimately a waste of your time.


Mastering a modality before you understand exactly what and why you need it is like getting the cart before the horse.

The quest to become a healing facilitator logically begins with the study of quantum mechanics which is the philosophic foundation of the subtle energy paradigm and healing.  It is the philosophic base needed to make a rational decision about which alternative medical modalities you need to study.

Rational Protocols for Healing facilitators