Cannabis Supplements are not Drugs

There is a lot of confusion concerning the proper dose of cannabis tinctures/oils. The confusion stems from the fact that people assume they should be taken like a synthetic drug. The issue is that most drugs are just refined inanimate chemicals which produce an established physiologic effect for the majority of patients. Consequently a specific standardized dose can be recommended and its physiologic effect is relatively predictable: i.e. materialism. The drug chemicals are typically refined from inorganic sources such as petroleum which are devoid of any vitalistic subtle energy influence.

Herbal supplements, on the other hand, are a complex solution of organic chemicals whose subtle energy signatures reflect their animate origin. These medications are more inclusive, influencing both the material and energetic dimensions of the patient. For example, the effect of willow bark is more comprehensive than aspirin. In other words herbs can be an effective fix/cure of symptoms as well as a more profound healing treatment. Also a combination of patient and plant idiosyncrasies makes it virtually impossible to accurately determine a particular patient’s dose or predict the medication’s ultimate effect: i.e. uncertainty.

o The physiologic effect of a herbal supplement may be biphasic: different doses can produce different effects.

o The required dose may change over time as the patient’s state of health evolves.

o The subtle energy profile of different batches of the plant will not be exactly identical even if its material chemistry is standardized.

Dosing of an herbal supplement like cannabis must be done Q.S. or to effect. You need to constantly monitor your overall response to a particular herbal product and adjust the dose accordingly: do not focus exclusively on one symptom.