Dealing With the Pessimistic Client

Referrals to alternative medical veterinary practitioners often involve cases that have been deemed hopeless by a primary care clinician. The positive results of perfectly good alternative medical healing treatments are often short lived, requiring them to be frequently repeated.   

The reason is that the client has been programmed to expect a negative consequence.  This technically constitutes a negative placebo effect or a “nocebo”.  That expectation is then communicated to their pet both literally and subliminally on a daily basis which is perceived by the patient as reality.  The bottom line is that the client’s beliefs can effectively sabotage the positive results of appropriate healing treatments.  

The focus of the holistic medical approach is all inclusive.  It involves addressing all the dimensions of a patient’s essence: body, mind, spirit, and context. The influence of an animal’s human caretaker is a critically important factor that cannot be ignored.         

The epiphany revealed in the book entitled “The Secret” is that the key to healing is a focus on what is desired rather than what the perceived problem is.  Therefore in order to preserve a patient’s balanced state of being post therapy it is often necessary to reprogram their pessimistic owner to focus on and expect positive results.