Why are Distal Points so Powerful

Most master acupuncturist prefer treating distal mirrored points in addition to or instead of local ones.  This approach was originally described in the ancient Chinese text the “I Ching” and has been called Tung or distal acupuncture.  Most agree that it has a more profound effect than meridian balancing methods.  There are numerous mirrored images on the body: ear, foot, face etc. The anecdotal evidence is not explained in terms of a proposed causal mechanism: it just works.   

I propose that this phenomenon can be likened to physical leverage: an analogy.  The patient’s aura is a continuously connected implicated field of influence, similar to a lever whose material is continuously connected physically.  Levers are used in conjunction with a fulcrum to influence (move) material objects.  The distance from the fulcrum to the end of the lever determines how powerful its influence potentially will be.  In both cases the power to effect a change is enhanced if the distance between the influence and the object of the treatment is increased.   Longer levers and more distant acupuncture points are more powerful influencers.