The Definition of Health

The Western conventional medical establishment does not have a definitive description of health. It is indirectly defined as a symptomless state of being.  Therefore the focus of their medical approach is the elimination or suppression of symptoms which they have historically  called a healing.        

In TCM and Quantum Healing, health is defined in terms of the patient’s essence or state of being.  Heath is described as a balanced state of being and therefore healing = balancing the patient’s primal source of being: aura or subtle energy pattern. 

The healthy state manifests in material reality according to the dictates of the patient’s implicated soul/spirit or what I call their “organizational imperative”. A healing facilitator encourages a patient to physically re-manifest the form and functions of their healthy/balanced subtle energy pattern. The specific characteristics of a healing are predetermined by the unique balance of that patient’s implicated profile. In other words a facilitator does not determine the physical consequences of a healing or how exactly the resulting healthy state will ultimately physically manifest.  

A healing returns the patient to the state of being dictated by their organizational imperative. Therefore in some cases it does not conform to the expectations of the clinician/client/patient.  

For example; the organizational imperative (soul) of all mammals has an expiration date. The healing of a subject whose life has been artificially extended can result in their immediate passing.  This can also be the result when facilitating the healing of any geriatric patient with a limited amount of vital energy. Commandeering vital energy to address a physical problem like arthritic hips can deplete the energy reserves which have been devoted to supporting their vital organ functions.  The quiet easy passage of these patients is likened to a shy of relief.

Clients need to be advised ahead of time about this possible healing scenario. A material fix/cure may be more appropriate in those cases where the owners are not willing or able to accept the potential consequences of a healing.