Why Complicate ??

The classic acupuncture protocol begins with a pulsing to determine which meridians need attention. This is a mindful extrasensory evaluation of the patient’s subtle energy profile.  Once a problematic meridian is identified, standardized acupuncture points are rationally selected which will theoretically correct the problem. In other words the point prescription required is determined by shifting mental processing modes; from mindful feelings to brainful rationalizing. This involves making a present tense   extrasensory appraisal of the patient’s state of health/balance, followed by the utilization of a

standardized treatment algorithm established historically with other similarly diagnosed patients.  The rationalization process is based upon a thorough knowledge and understanding of basic TCM principles. 

The question is: If an extrasensory evaluation of the meridians is valid, why not skip the complicated rationalization process and just select the specific treatment points mindfully as well (or instead)? Doing so establishes a logical continuity which radically simplifies the whole diagnostic/treatment process.  Feel -> treat as opposed to Feel -> rationalize -> treat.

This simplified approach is also more straight forward and effective because it determines what specific points need to be treated in the present case as opposed to what points generally were used in the past to treat similar cases.