Sounding Remedies

Sound waves in one form or another have been employed throughout history to facilitate healings. Prayers, chants, intoning, drumming, didgeridoo, singing bowls, ultrasound, lithotripsy, entrainments, and music therapy are some of the well-known forms.  Most of these forms are employed indirectly to influence the healing process.  In other words they are designed to induce specific mental states that are known to encourage healing responses; music therapy and entrainment recordings for example.

A few forms are said to directly induce healings responses with specific healing frequencies. The frequencies used are believed to cause/enhance healing by way of resonance.  The problem is that healing involves manipulations of the subtle energy field (Chi, aura, Prana) which does not have frequencies to resonate with: i.e. there are no healing frequencies.

All of these explanations of affect are based upon the precognitive assumptions of materialism which do apply in regard to physical fix/cures. However it is impossible to explain the how and why of healing in strictly materialistic terms.

The truth is that the only way to directly influence a healing is by manipulating the patient’s subtle energy pattern with intent or by adding to it. Sound waves are infused with the subtle energy pattern of the material producing them and are an effective way to transfer those patterns to those impacted by the sound.  Therefore you can facilitate the healing of an individual by having them experience the sounding of a plant which has a potentially balancing subtle energy profile for them.  The frequency or composition of the sound waves is irrelevant in healing.  The frequency of the sound only determines how/where it is received: heard or felt.

This is comparable to other healing practices based upon transferring subtle energy patterns with different measurable energy forms such as light, magnetic waves, heat, and smoke.

  • Sun light, the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, is utilized to move the SE pattern of blossoms into water to make flower essences.
  • The light radiating from combusting materials carries the SE pattern of that material. Therefore there is no such thing as generic light: light from an incandescent bulb carries the SE pattern of tungsten, for example.
  • The heat of burning moxa carries the SE pattern of that plant to the patient.
  • Smudging with the smoke/heat of smoldering plant materials transports the SE patterns of those plants.
  • Sounding of a particular plant material convey its SE profile to anyone impacted by that sound.

The physical fix/cures produced with music therapy can be used to encourage/support healings, but they do not directly influence it. Typically the treatment results of MT are relatively superficial and temporary.  Sounding therapies, on the other hand, directly influence the healing process and can be profoundly effective if the appropriate remedy plant is sounded.