Intuitive ≠ Psychic

These two terms are often used interchangeably in regard to information transfers in alternative medicine. However they are fundamentally different in critically important ways. Intuition is the retrieval of information from the subconscious, while psychic perceptions are information concerning external sources.

Intuitive hunches are based upon previous experiences that are not consciously remembered. Much of the information stored in memory was originally brainfully processed and therefore are subjective perceptions. In other words intuitive hunches are not objective facts and can be wrong just as eye witness accounts often are.

Psychic information is strictly mindful extrasensory perceptions. It is meaningless in terms of materialism but is an objective fact. A brain’s interpretation of raw psychic information is speculation and often factually wrong. Holistic practitioners, who use extrasensory means such as divining, dowsing, and/or psychic readings to formulate a material diagnosis, prescribe medicines and determine doses are relying on intuition. This is information regarding a generalized population of patients in the past and typically includes alphanumeric data the mind is not capable of handling. If the information includes a label or number it is coming from brainful memory. Consequently the information perceived is not about the present tense patient.

Unprocessed psychic information is essentially a meaningless feeling: tingle, sting, heat, or a divination/dowsing hit. The practical value of a particular psyhic perception only becomes evident when it is used in the context of answering a specifically worded brainful question. Questions such as:

Is this an appropriate AC point?

Is this an effective remedy for this patient?

Is there water down there?

We can get objectively accurate information from psychic transfers if we can resist trying to interpret it in terms of materialism. If we can ascertain the appropriate healing treatment for a specific patient there is no practical need to establish a material diagnosis either before hand or in retrospect. Healing facilitation protocols are simple compared to rational fix/cures which require the processing of many details with respect to proposed cause and effect relationships.