No Rational for Selecting a Healing Plant Remedy

The rationale for choosing herbal medications is essentially the same as the one used in prescribing drugs. Literature reviews, personal experiences, and references to established pharmacological characteristics are the foundation for rationalizing a prescription in material medicine. This requires herbalists to spend a great deal of time, effort, and money to become familiar with all the many details potentially involved. On the other hand there is no rational for selecting healing herbal remedies. The Healing mechanism is unfathomable which means the reason a particular remedy facilitates a healing can never be determined. A remedy either works or it does not, period. There is no remedy plant data base to be studied or clinical case reports to reference. This is because every case is entirely unique in regard to the patient, plant, and place/time context. Present tense testing for the appropriateness of a specific plant’s subtle energy pattern is the only way to select a healing plant remedy for a patient. That testing must in the form of an extrasensory evaluation such as divination, dowsing, or a psychic reading. In short, herbs are prescribed according to brainful linear logic (rationalizations) while remedies are prescribed according to mindful sentient feelings or perceptions. A herbal prescriber considers generalized abstracts of various plant species while a remedy prescriber focuses on a particular plant, often without knowing how it is technically classified or what it would be called by others